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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get to the Montréal-Trudeau Airport station from the South Shore, the West Island and the North Shore?

If you are taking the REM from the South Shore, you just choose, after arriving at the station, the REM train that will go all the way to the Airport terminus. Roughly one in every three REM trains will travel to the airport (outside of peak hours in morning and evening), which means one departure every 10 to 15 minutes.

If you are taking the REM from the West Island or the North Shore, you will have to switch platforms at Bois-Franc station so you can catch a train going to the Montréal-Trudeau airport.

For example, here is how you can reach the airport from Kirkland station:

  • Take the REM from Kirkland to BoisFranc (14 minutes)
  • Switch platforms and wait several minutes at BoisFranc
  • Take the REM from BoisFranc to the airport (9 minutes)

In total, getting to the airport will involve 23 minutes of travel time and a few minutes of transfer time.