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Commitments charter

We are committed to maintaining active, regular and transparent communication throughout the various stages of the project.

A team dedicated to the community

A community relations office has been set up to establish continuous dialogue with citizens during the REM construction period. This office is staffed by a team who will keep you informed about the various stages, answer your questions on issues raised, and ensure regular follow-up with municipalities and boroughs.

Controlled sites, informed citizens

Our commitments


Disseminate construction-related information widely through public information meetings, neighbourhood committees, public notices, ads in local and national media, and various communication tools.


Set up an action plan to minimize construction-related inconveniences.


Work with mobility partners in the Greater Montréal area to propose alternative public transit methods.


Maintain continuous contact with municipalities and other partners to ensure information is shared.


Care and answer citizens’ comments, questions and complaints efficiently and quickly.

Do you have questions about our commitments?