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How to use the REM

Five REM stations are now in service between Brossard and downtown Montreal! Find all of the information on the new network here.

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Travelling in winter

Plan your commute

Use a trip planner

Use your favourite trip planner to plan your commute and see schedules for the bus, metro, train and REM. 

Application Chrono

Application Transit

Google Maps


Station access

All our stations are universally accessible, fitted with bike racks and accessible by public transit via bus and paratransit.

The Panama and Brossard stations have park-and-ride lots, with both free and paid spaces.

See station-specific information


Service schedule and frequency

The REM will be in service 20 hours a day. Its schedule will vary according to the day of the week.

See hours of service

How much does it cost?

Transit fares

REM fares have been integrated in the ARTM fare schedule and also include metro, bus and train access to simplify your travel in the Greater Montréal area.

Transit fare prices vary according to your point of departure, your point of arrival, and the geographic zones you cross on the way (A, B, C or D). At the time of commissioning, and until the installation of gates in the stations in the fall of 2023, you will need to ensure that you validate your ticket using the on-site validators before entering the network.

Avoid waiting in line by purchasing your transit tickets in advance at any existing points of sale. Find a point of sale now

Carte OpusFares are compatible with your OPUS card.

Learn more about available transit fares to use the REM

What will my experience be like?

What will my onboard experience be like?

On-board experience

We offer several amenities to make your trips pleasant, easy and efficient.


Staff is deployed across the network at all times. Cars and stations have surveillance and assistance systems that connect directly to the Command Centre.


  • Platform doors to avoid exposure to the weather and the cold
  • REM cars and stations have free Wi-Fi access
  • Cars are air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter
  • Capacity indicators on the platforms tell you where to wait to have space on board
  • Universal access


The network is fully automated and the lack of a driver’s cabin makes space for a front window for passengers to enjoy. It is controlled and monitored by Command Centre staff, 24/7. Travel on dedicated tracks is highly reliable. To learn more, you can watch this explanatory video.

The REM in winter

The REM in winter

Plan your winter travel

The REM network and cars are ready to cope with harsh winter conditions. See our page on REM in winter for some tips on how to plan your trips this winter. 

Consult our winter travel tips

Frequently asked questions

Can I bring my bike in the REM? Is my dog allowed on board? Our travel FAQs can help you find quick answers to your questions.