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Artistic collaborations

The REM is increasingly becoming a part of the Greater Montréal landscape. Artists are drawing inspiration from its cars, its infrastructure, its construction and the neighbourhoods through which it travels. Discover the REM through the work of a series of Québec artists.

Discover the REM's artistic initiatives: 

Art on work site fences

For safety reasons, our work sites must be surrounded by fences. We collaborate with local artists to transform these simple wooden panels into temporary works of art and thus embellish our work sites.

The UniR Art Program

Unveiling of the REM public art program

The REM public art program, named UniR, draws its inspiration from the union of art and the citizen, and includes an innovative collaboration with the universities of Greater Montréal. 

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UniR : REM public art program

The REM seen by illustrators

The REM asked illustrators to draw its construction sites in various cities and neighbourhoods of Greater Montréal. Here’s a look at the latest collaborations. 

Tania Mignacca

Tania Mignacca is a Montréal illustrator and writer of the Ponto web comic about the adventures of a young orange traffic cone in Montréal. 

In this work, Tania has drawn the Southwest sector and the REM’s elevated structure, with Ponto—the main character in all the strips—in the foreground. 

Vincent Toutou

Vincent Toutou uses pop culture as a raw material and stands out for his fun, unique visual signature.  

He has illustrated the elevated structure in full construction on the West Island and the destinations that will be available to future REM users, such as the Grand Parc de l’Ouest. 

Victor Garibay

Victor is a Mexican illustrator in love with Montréal, its neighbourhoods, its animals and its people. He has illustrated the REM’s construction sites in the Saint-Laurent borough.  

He also inspired the article The 3 best ways to explore Greater Montréal with the REM, by showcasing Greater Montréal landmarks and places to see. 

Camille Pomerlo

Camille Pomerlo is known for her intricate fantasy line drawings.   

In this work, Camille has illustrated the railway bridge linking Montréal and Îles Laval over the Rivière des Prairies. She features construction on the North Shore in her work. 

Myriam Wares

Myriam Wares is inspired by surrealism and narrative drawing, and pursues themes related to nature, science, culture and mythology.  

For the unveiling of the REM’s cars, Myriam illustrated the first REM train running on the South Shore

The REM’s works as a wallpaper 

You can download the illustrations of collaborating REM artists and display them on your cell phone and computer screens. 

Cell phone wallpaper