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Editorial policy

The purpose of the REM website is to inform the public of the condition of the network for the portion of the route in service and to provide information on construction sites underway for the portion of the route under construction. 

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Netiquette for social media

The REM wishes discussions on all of its online platforms to be respectful. Please follow these good conduct rules, especially for social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube).

1. Be respectful

To foster communication and discussion, we ask that your comments be respectful so we can maintain a pleasant, courteous and constructive atmosphere.

2. Inappropriate comments

When we see that a comment reflects behaviour that we judge to be inappropriate (e.g. remarks that are offensive, defamatory, harassing, aggressive or discriminatory; personal attacks; vulgar, obscene or malicious language; copy-pasting on multiple posts; spamming or trolling), we reserve the right to delete that comment.

3. Promotional comments

Since our objective is to interact with citizens and answer questions about the REM, we ask that you not use our social media pages to promote personal, professional or political projects.

4. Debate

Arguments may spread out and lose their connection to the discussion taking place or to the REM. We reserve the right to remove exchanges that go beyond the scope of the project, and potentially to move them into a future discussion.

5. Questions about the project

We pay close attention to all of your contributions. However, while we respond to the great majority of questions that are sent to us, we may pass over certain comments. If you think that your question was left out, you may send us a private message or email us at [email protected].

We reserve the right to ban users who repeatedly fail to respect our netiquette (through inappropriate or promotional comments).

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You can download them for free to illustrate articles or documents on the REM or to insert them in advertising promoting our services (to say that the REM is near your business, for example). However, you undertake to respect the standards for the use of our logos.

Trademarks and copyright

Some names, words, titles, expressions, logos, graphic icons or drawings on the site's pages may constitute trademarks of the REM. Any fraudulent use or amendment may contravene federal laws pertaining to trademarks and/or copyrights. If you need a file other than those offered on these pages, please contact our designers.