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Your REM experience

The REM is a fully automated, 100% electric light rail system. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities at all times.

A modern and comfortable network

Heating and air-conditioning

REM’s cars are heated and air-conditioned to keep you comfortable throughout the year. In winter, ventilation systems and heated floors keep you warm. In summer, the air-conditioning system keeps things cool on board.

Platform screen doors

Station platforms are protected by screen doors that open and close at the same time as the car doors. These doors keep you safe and prevent objects from falling onto the track, thus enhancing reliability.

Car capacity indicators

Above the platform screen doors, there are lit capacity indicators that show occupancy of the next cars. You can use them to choose an entrance with fewer users on board.

Services for all

Accessibility for all

Cars and stations are universally accessible to make it easier for everyone to get around. There are a number of elements that go into streamlining the on-board experience.

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Easy to move around

The cars have been designed with wide spaces to help riders move around easily. They have special sections to give you more space if you’re travelling with your bicycle, stroller or luggage.

There are also zones earmarked for wheelchairs in each car. Green seats are reserved for the elderly and people who are pregnant or disabled.

Staff on the network

Staff are present on the network at all times to keep things running smoothly and to assist you. You can easily recognize them by the distinct colour of their uniforms.

On your trips, you may encounter:

  • Customer service agents on the network, in stations and cars, who can also help you at the Central Station customer service centre.
  • Station agents, responsible for maintenance.
  • Security and control agents who keep you safe and enforce REM regulations.
  • Response agents to assist users and help during incidents or for network maintenance.

Cars and stations have surveillance and assistance systems that connect directly to a command centre. Dedicated operations staff can also assist when needed and agents can be quickly dispatched through the network.

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An automated network


The REM is a light rail system that is fully automated at GoA 4, the maximum grade. With no driver on board, the network is fully controlled and monitored from a command centre with staff on site 24/7.

Automated systems like these provide some of the highest levels of reliability and safety in the world. A number of lines in Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dubai, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore and Vancouver have been using similar systems for about 20 years now.

REM cars in a nutshell


Light rail based on the Alstom Metropolis.


Each four-car train has a maximum capacity of 780 people, with 128 seated.


A REM every 3.5 minutes during peak hours and every 7.5 minutes off-peak.


Average speed of 51 km/h, reaching a top speed of 100 km/hr at a number of locations, such as on the Samuel-De Champlain Bridge and in the West Island.

Designed for winter

Specially suited to Greater Montréal’s weather, including heated door thresholds and floors, ice protection equipment and heated windshields.


There is free high-speed WiFi in the cars and the network. You can stay connected the entire time.