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Rules and safety

Travelling safely

At every step of your trip on board the REM, your safety is our priority.

Safety in the network

Several measures are in place to ensure your safety, from the network’s design to its everyday operation:

  • Stations have many windows and are well lit. Their corridors are wide and free of any dark corners so that you are visible at all times.
  • Platform screen doors separate the platforms from the rails and only open when the car is ready for boarding. 
  • A Command Centre operates 24/7, with dedicated staff to pilot and monitor equipment.
  • A video surveillance system covers all network facilities and is directly connected to the Command Centre.
  • Emergency assistance tools are at your disposal in every station and car so that you may contact REM staff at all times.
  • A security and control team patrols the entire network.


Our staff in the network

REM teams patrol the network at all times to provide assistance, answer questions, maintain the facilities and maintain equipment. 


Safety in the event of an outage or accident

Power outages, a car stalled on the tracks, evacuations: we have carefully evaluated every potential scenario to keep you safe. An emergency plan that covers a variety of contingencies is in place, in collaboration with emergency services. 

In the event of an incident, please remain calm. Clear instructions will be provided and staff will be available to assist you.

Safety around infrastructures

Safety around infrastructures

Train traffic, track electrification and many other elements constitute hazards to your safety. Standing or walking on the tracks is forbidden. 

Adopt safe behaviours


Designed for safety

The areas surrounding the tracks are secured to prevent people or animals from entering. In addition to the anti-intrusion fences surrounding the rails, the REM is equipped with a track intrusion detection system. This makes it possible to react swiftly when potential rail obstructions are detected. In the event of an intrusion, a signal is sent to the Command Centre which can intervene and control operations.

Please remain careful at all times.


Living near the REM

Do you need to trim a tree, carry out work near the tracks or retrieve a ball or any other object that went over the safety fences? Make it a habit to contact us.

Crossing the safety fences and accessing the REM tracks is illegal. Not only do people caught in violation risk incurring steep fines, they are also risking their lives.


Construction near the REM

Are you a real estate developer, municipality or business looking to launch a site or project near the REM? To learn more, consult the procedure. 

Adjacent Owner Work Request Form


Safety in a public transit network depends partly on the behaviour of its passengers. The Regulations for using the REM and its facilities enable us to provide a safe and reliable transit service. Here are some fundamental principles to follow in order to stay safe: Be careful and respectful at all times, respect signage and instructions from staff, and never cross electrified tracks.

Statements of offence and penalties

What happens if I violate the Regulation?

Penalties apply for people caught in violation of the Regulations and statements of offence can be issued by REM inspectors and operators.