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Safety around infrastructures

Station screen doors, cameras and intrusion detectors are just some of the protective measures that make the REM a safe network. In addition, you must behave responsibly around the REM for your own safety.

Appropriate behaviours

Stay a safe distance from the tracks

Keep your distance! Not only is trespassing on REM tracks dangerous, it’s also illegal. Offenders are liable to prosecution and heavy fines. Cameras installed throughout the network capture incidents, allowing offenders to be tracked down.

Follow regulations

The purpose of the regulations for using the REM and its facilities is to enable us to provide a safe and reliable transit service. Any action or behaviour that compromises the safety of users or the REM service is prohibited. 

Don’t throw anything on the tracks

In addition to cameras, our lanes have sensors to detect objects and intrusions. Objects thrown onto the tracks can cause service interruptions, and affect everyone who uses the REM.

Report dangerous behaviour

If you see someone doing something dangerous, contact our team to report it. Safety is everyone’s business!


The risks are serious and can be fatal if you don’t follow the prohibitions in place.

Risk of getting hit

Stepping onto the REM’s tracks means risking your life. The REM can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h, and passes frequently every few minutes. Even at night, when the network is not open to the public, cars, heavy machinery and other maintenance vehicles can travel on the tracks.

Risk of electrocution

Even without direct contact with the track or catenary, you can receive an electric shock, causing serious injury and, in some cases, death. The REM is supplied with a high-voltage electric current at all times.

Risk of falling

The risk of falls is high on all the types of structures where the REM runs.


Death and/or injury

If you’re in distress and need to talk to someone, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Legal action

You may be prosecuted for track trespassing or failure to comply with regulations.

Fines ($)

Fines for track trespassing can run into the thousands of dollars.