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Behaviour and safety


Safety, civility and respect for others and property

Safety in a public transit network depends partly on the behaviour of its passengers. Here are some good practices to better travel together:

  • Give your seat to those who need it - pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Take off your backpack - keep the space clear for others.
  • Pick up your trash - find the nearest garbage can or recycling bin.
  • Be respectful - anyone can be stressed, late or worried, be courteous.
  • Let people out before entering - keep movement fluid.
  • Keep reserved spaces free - the spaces go first to those who need them.
  • Share support handles and bars - think of your neighbours.
  • Keep it down - use earphones to listen to music.
  • Keep your luggage close - help maintain fluid traffic in the network.

Safety and operation

  • For your safety and that of others, please stay within the authorized areas. Standing or walking on REM tracks is forbidden.
  • To ensure proper operation of the REM, prevent delays or interruptions and avoid injuries, never hold the platform screen doors.
  • In case of emergency only, you may make use of the safety devices in place, such as those for emergency exits or to stop an escalator, elevator or moving walkway.

Integrity of property

  • Help us take care of REM facilities. You may not affix or carve an inscription, drawing, graffiti, tag, sticker or any other figure on REM property.

For more details, please consult our Official Regulations. In the event that the Regulations and the text above conflict, the Regulations apply.


Statements of offence and fines

Consequences of infringement

If you infringe upon any provision other than that of article 69 (transit fares) of the Regulations, you are committing an infraction and are liable to be fined the amount laid out in Appendix A of the regulations plus applicable fees.

For more details, please consult the page on Statements of offence and fines.

If you are found in violation of any of the provisions of these Regulations, you may forfeit the right to remain in or on REM facilities and be required to immediately vacate the premises by a REM agent.