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Construction of REM stations Canora and Mont-Royal

Construction of REM stations Canora and Mont-Royal

Construction activities
Since June 25, 2018 During the day (7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.) on weekdays and weekends, subject to the work to be completed
Centre of Montréal

The REM will serve the existing stations in your sector (Canora, Mont-Royal, Montpellier, Du Ruisseau and Bois-Franc) and create new connections, notably with the blue (Édouard-Montpetit), orange (Bonaventure) and green (McGill) lines of the Montréal metro. 

The Canora and Mont-Royal REM stations are among the first stations to be constructed. They will be located at the current location of the stations for commuter trains on the Deux-Montagnes line and will travel on the surface.



Nature of the work

The NouvLR consortium will construct the Mont-Royal and Canora stations.

To complete the work and make the necessary changes to the railway infrastructure, the Deux-Montagnes line has been operating on a single-track since June 25 in the Town of Mount-Royal. To ensure that workers can co-exist with the regular train service on the other portion of the railway track, it is important to safely isolate the section of track where work is taking place. This takes place in several phases over weekends; once this is complete, work can intensify safely during the week. 

Work started on June 25, and is continuing according to the following schedule:


July - August 2018
  • Burial of the power line by Hydro-Québec
  • Configuration of access to the work site and protection of the existing east track
  • Installation of the Canora and Mont-Royal logistics zones
  • Relocation of the catenaries on structures in the center of the railway right of way and removal of existing gates
  • Concrete barrier and fencing installation
  • Platform and low wall demolition
  • Retaining walls construction
  • Rail removal and west side excavation
September 2018
  • Rail removal and west side excavation
  • Station pilings installation
  • Foundation work for future stations 


(Note that this schedule may vary according to weather conditions and work progress.)


Anticipated impacts and mitigation measures

The work will generate noise, vibrations, dust and traffic obstructions on Dunkirk road between Jean-Talon West and Kirkfield.

The REM project office and NouvLR consortium’s goal is to avoid or minimize impact on surrounding residents as much as possible and ensure safety by implementing all appropriate measures, including:

  • Secured worksite zone and enclosed lanes for trucks
  • Noise reduction at the source by using noise enclosures on machinery
  • Continuously raising workers’ awareness
  • Use of a sprayer (fine droplets of water) and dust-control liquids on the trucking lanes
  • Installation of seismographs positioned near residences and property inspection program
  • Gradual power increases on pile driving tools
  • Safe detours for cyclists and pedestrians and presence of signallers
  • Monitoring and supervision program throughout the work to measure noise, air quality and vibrations

After the start of 2019, the work sequence, the impacts and the mitigation measures that were deployed on the south portion of the track will be replicated on the north portion, to continue with the construction of the stations.


To stay informed about the work

Several communication channels and tools are available so you can follow the progress of the work.

For all questions | 1 833 REM-INFO

Write us via the contact form of the "Contact us" page. You may contact us by phone on weekdays between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.