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Documentary series

The Destination REM video series provides an intimate look at the daily lives of the experts, professionals and workers who are involved in the construction of the largest public transit project in Quebec in 50 years.

Episode 7: Final steps before boarding

When it came to preparing for commissioning of the REM’s South Shore branch, 2022 was a significant year. Key milestones were reached: the end of major infrastructure projects, testing of cars and systems, complete electrification of the branch. Our teams are now preparing for the final steps before the first users board, which is slated for 2023.

Episode 6: McGill station, at the heart of Mont-Royal Tunnel’s challenges 

In 2020, the teams working on the REM faced major challenges posed by the century-old infrastructure of the Mont-Royal Tunnel, including structural deterioration due to de-icing salt and an aging infrastructure. They had to be extremely resourceful to ensure the integrity of the tunnel and the surrounding infrastructure, located in a key area of Montreal, a future hypercentre in the downtown core, along McGill College Avenue. 

Episode 5: A light metro that reflects the city 

Xavier Allard (Director, Design Department - Alstom) and Sarah Demers-Naurais (Graphic Designer - REM) discuss the design of the REM cars. With the ambition to make this car a possible icon of Greater Montréal, they  worked on making a design that will enhance the experience of all users.

Episode 4 : The Irish Cemetery

In November 2019, archaeologists found bones at a REM work site, confirming the existence of an Irish cemetery at Pointe-Saint-Charles dating from 1847.

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Episode 3: Origins

The REM's route follows part of the metro plan orginally proposed by Jean Drapeau in 1961. At the time, three metro lines were planned: orange, green... and red that was supposed to run through Mount Royal. Finally, that line will become a reality–60 years later!

Episode 1: Connecting with the past, building the future

Engineers Jean-Philippe Pelletier (REM) and Thomas Fortin (NouvLR) explore the Édouard-Montpetit construction site with Polytechnique students. This highly complex project entails digging 70 metres below ground to connect the REM to the train tunnel under Mount Royal, which was built over a century ago.

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