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The REM will simplify travel for those living in various Montréal area municipalities, with 26 stations located in Greater Montréal. Stations will be safe and accessible to all.

Well-connected stations

Whether you are on foot, biking, taking public transit or driving, access to REM stations will be easy. They will be equipped with bike racks, drop-off areas and parking facilities distributed throughout the network. Three stations will be connected to the metro.

26 stations in Greater Montréal

Accessible to all

As well as being equipped with elevators and escalators, REM stations will be universally accessible to facilitate travel for those with reduced mobility, cyclists, parents with strollers, and travellers with baggage. Station design takes a number of elements into consideration to maximize accessibility: single point of access, signage, platform levels and more.

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Bright, modern architecture

By reconciling the network’s architectural signature with the surroundings, we are giving users and residents living near REM infrastructures a safe, visually appealing environment that enriches the environmental and architectural heritage of the city.

Ground, underground and elevated stations

Comfort and safety

Passengers will wait for trains in closed and ventilated buildings that emphasize light and transparency for safety. Platforms will be separated from the tracks by automatic sliding doors which open only when a REM train arrives. This technology will increase your safety and minimize interruptions to the service.

Documentation centre

Would you like to know more about the project? Visit our documentation center to learn more about the REM.

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