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Obstructions - Rehabilitation work

Obstructions - Rehabilitation work

Road  | Major
From 22 April for a period of three weeks, in two phases
South Shore

Nature of work : 

Due to rehabilitation work in the Nuns' Island sector, mobility restrictions are to be expected as of April 22.

Starting April 22 for a period of three weeks, repair work on the access ramp to the Champlain Bridge is to be expected. This work will require demolition, paving, curb work and landscaping activities. This work will be carried out in two phases, with two distinct obstacles.


Impacts et mitigations measures :

  • Phase 1: Starting April 22 and lasting one week, motorists going southbound on Boulevard de l'Île-des-Sœurs will not have the opportunity to turn leftt on the Champlain Bridge access ramp. Only right turns by motorists going northbound on Boulevard de l'Île-des-Sœurs will be possible.
  • Phase 2 : Starting April 29 and lasting two week, full access to the Champlain Bridge access ramp via Ile-des-Sœurs Boulevard will be closed. Access to the Champlain Bridge will be possible from a detour via René-Lévesque Boulevard and Champlain Bridge Street.

The maps below show the location of the planned works and detours:

Phase 1, April 22 to April 29
Phase 2, April 29 to May 10

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