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Work in the Highway 10 area

Work in the Highway 10 area

From June 18, 2018 to mid-August. Day and night, depending on the work to be done and to ensure worker safety
South Shore

Where: on Highway 10 between the Malo sector / Highway 30 (at the future Rive-Sud terminal station).


Nature of the work

Preparatory work on Highway 10 will be conducted from Monday, June 18 (night) until mid-August. This work will includes installing concrete guard rails, and marking and asphalting roads to widen current lanes, as well as the start of the construction of future pillars of the REM aerial structure.

This work will prepare the reconfiguration of the eastbound lanes of Highway 10. Work will start around mid August, for the next two years. This reconfiguration is necessary as part of the construction the Rive-Sud Terminal, Du Quartier and Panama stations.


Impacts and mitigation measures

Partial obstructions are to be expected on the service lanes and the highway.

Reconfiguration of the Highway 10 Reconfiguration of the Highway 10

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