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Works info

Works near Canora station

Starting on September 10
Montréal (Centre and Airport)

Where: Dunkirk Road, between Glencoe and Montgomery Avenues.


Nature of the work

To ensure worker safety at the construction site, facilitate the movement of equipment at the site and minimize the movement of equipment and materials within the neighbourhood, a section of Dunkirk Road, between Glencoe and Montgomery Avenues, will be closed on September 10 for the full duration of the project. Signage will be installed this week and the closure will take effect September 10.


Impacts and mitigation measures

  • A sign indicating “local traffic only” will be installed on Glencoe between De Chambois Road and Dunkirk Road.
  • The logistics zone will be secured by fencing; the sidewalk will remain open and secure for pedestrian traffic.
  • Signage will be installed to alert people to the road obstruction.

The map below illustrates the road segment that will be closed to traffic:

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