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A new website to monitor this major project that generates very significant economic benefits for Québec

A new website to monitor this major project that generates very significant economic benefits for Québec

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With construction of the REM starting soon, a project involving an investment of $4 billion in Québec content and the creation of 34,000 jobs representing $2 billion in wages, a new website dedicated to this major public transportation project has been created.

This new website will provide detailed information on the new network’s benefits and keep future users updated on the project’s advancement. As the first REM construction sites near, this practical, simple, and evolving website can be used to monitor the coming steps of this major project. 

Designed for citizens who want to be informed, the website includes a “Citizens space” dedicated solely to community relationships and activities organized in the areas affected by construction work.

Information pages and an interactive map also set out the project’s various components, station features and path. Once construction starts, a “Works info” page can be used to quickly identify the work sites and detour routes. Photos and videos will be added regularly to illustrate the progress.

Lastly, a newsletter and SMS alerts will be available to provide the latest updates.


Mobility Montréal

The REM is partnering with Mobility Montréal to be involved in planning and coordinating work sites in the metropolitan area.

The municipalities and boroughs the REM will go through will also be involved in this coordination. Close monitoring will also be done with various transit authorities to plan the REM’s integration and, most importantly, ensure that public transportation is maintained during construction.


Next steps

The two preferred consortia to construct the REM are currently aligning their work schedules. The work plan for 2018 and 2019 will be presented in the spring as part of Mobility Montréal’s activities. Regular updates will be provided for citizens and future users to stay abreast of step of the REM’s construction.

Users will also be notified well in advance of the various works to be completed.

For more information on the project management office to be launched shortly, follow us on Twitter @REMgrandmtl or consult our Facebook page.  


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About the REM

The Réseau express métropolitain (REM) is a new, integrated public transit network that has 26 stations and spans 67 km to link downtown Montréal, university centres, the South Shore, the West Island, the North Shore and the airport through an entirely automated and electric light rail transit (LRT) system. Providing high-frequency service, the REM will operate 20 hours a day, 7 days per week, and will be connected to Montréal three main metro lines.

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