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Reconfiguration of Highway 10 lanes toward Sherbrooke starting September 24

Reconfiguration of Highway 10 lanes toward Sherbrooke starting September 24

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As part of the South Shore construction work being carried out by the Réseau express métropolitain (REM), the Highway 10 lanes going east (toward Sherbrooke) must be reconfigured until the beginning of 2021.

This temporary reconfiguration will take place from the night of Friday, September 21 until Monday morning. It will be fully effective as of Monday, September 24. Highway 10’s temporary lane reconfiguration will create a safe work space for the REM’s major work, i.e. the construction of the first piers for its elevated structure, and the construction of the future Du Quartier station.

This work will take place on Highway 10 between the Malo and Leduc sectors (near the CN track) and on Highway 30 (near the future Rive-Sud terminal station).


Reconfiguration details

In order to maintain two traffic lanes, A10 lanes heading east (toward Sherbrooke) will be diverted to the service roads, and a third lane will be created. This three-lane configuration will maintain the flow of traffic of the highway; note, however, that the service roads will be reduced from the current two lanes to just one.

To optimize lane configuration and limit the impact on traffic, the REM’s project office and NouvLR, the consortium responsible for the REM’s construction, will work in close collaboration with the ministère des Transports, de la Mobilité durable et de l'Électrification des transports (MTMDET).

There may be more traffic in this area during the first few weeks, until road users adapt to the new lane configuration. NouvLR and the REM’s project office will closely monitor the situation.

To ensure a safe environment for the work teams, motorists are encouraged to exercise caution and vigilance, and also reduce their speed as they approach worksites.

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About REM

The Réseau express métropolitain (REM) is a new, 67-km integrated public transit network that will feature 26 stations and link downtown Montreal, universities, South Shore, West Island, North Shore and Montréal Trudeau airport through a fully automated, electric light rail system. Offering high-frequency service, the REM will be in service seven days per week, 20 hours per day, and will be connected to three main Montréal metro lines.

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