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Frequently Asked Questions

How many seats will be in the REM?

There are 120 seats available.

REM cars are smaller than MR-90 cars, but run much more frequently due to the high frequency of the light rail metro line. It means that the number of seats will not be greatly affected if we look at the entire peak period.


For example, during the morning peak period (from 6 to 9 a.m.):

  • With the REM

120 seats
36 departures at Deux-Montagnes
18 additional departures at Bois-Franc coming from the Airport
120 seats x (36 departures + 18 departures) = 6,480 seats with REM during the morning peak period

  • With a MR-90 train

900 seats
6 departures at Deux-Montagnes
3 additional departures at Roxboro-Pierrefonds and Bois-Franc
900 seats x (6 departures + 3 departures) = 8,100 seats with REM during the morning peak period


To learn more, read our article: The REM, seating and capacity