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Modification of the configuration of the logistics zone at Canora station

Construction activities
From February 18, 2019
Montréal (Centre and Airport)

Where: Canora Station

Nature of work 

In order to optimize the sequence of work that can now be performed on weekdays, NouvLR will be reconfiguring the logistics zone on Dunkirk Road between Kirkland Avenue and Jean‑Talon Road West.

  • A single trailer will replace the two site trailers.
  • Equipment, including a power shovel, will be installed in the logistics zone to move materials between the logistics zone and the site.
  • The pedestrian crossing will be maintained, but displaced slightly toward the park.

The map below illustrates the new configuration of the logistics zone.

Info-travaux_Canora_Zone chantier.PNG

Impacts and mitigation measures

  • The logistics zone will remain surrounded by concrete barriers and fencing.
  • Kirkfield Avenue will remain open to local traffic and will allow continuous access to the L’Ombriè shop.
  • Dunkirk Road will be closed to vehicle traffic. Pedestrians and cyclists will be redirected to a temporary sidewalk that runs along the side of Dunkirk Parc to Kirkfield Avenue.
  • This configuration will make it possible to redirect a portion of truck traffic to the new site entrance on the corner of JeanTalon Road West. Flaggers will be present to control truck traffic between the logistics zone and JeanTalon Road.
  • The logistics zone on the corner of Dunkirk Road and Glencoe Avenue will still be used for a portion of truck traffic. Flaggers will be present to coordinate the movement of vehicles when trucking is scheduled to take place.

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