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Can I take the metro, train or bus using REM transit fares?

With an “All Modes” fare, you can! These transit fares let you take the REM, the bus, the train and the metro in Greater Montréal.

From point A to point B with a single All Modes fare

With an All Modes fare, you can take the REM and transfer to a bus, train or metro as often as you need to finish your trip. It must be valid in both your zones of departure and arrival. You can choose either of the following fares, according to your situation: All Modes A, All Modes AB, All Modes ABC and All Modes ABCD.

Some other fares also let you use the REM and buses on the South Shore. For all available options, please consult the tickets and fares on the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM) website.

To determine which fare to choose, please use the ARTM fare selector.