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How does REM parking work?

Some REM stations offer park-and-ride lots. Parking is available at Brossard and Panama stations, including both free and paid spaces.

Park-and-ride lots at REM stations


Park-and-ride lots are available at Brossard and Panama stations. At Brossard station, 2960 parking spaces are available and at Panama station, 300 spaces are available, for a total of 3260 spaces on the South Shore.

These parking spaces include both free and paid spaces.

Free parking spaces

The free parking spaces include reserved spaces for carpooling, for people with reduced mobility or for charging electric cars (with charging stations).

At Panama station, nearly 227 free parking spaces are available. At Brossard station, approximately 2099 free parking spaces are available.

Paid parking spaces

The paid parking spaces at Panama and Brossard stations are managed by Indigo. Three options are available: monthly subscriptions, daily reservations in advance or daily reservations directly on site. The number of available spaces of each type could be adjusted over time depending on demand.

The rates below include applicable service fees and taxes.

Rates (Brossard and Panama)

  • Daily, advance or same day passes: 10.29$
  • Monthly passes: 121.30$

Reservation and payment terms

You will be able to reserve your space daily (either in advance or on site) or purchase a monthly pass on the Indigo website or via their Indigo Neo mobile app. Quantities are limited. There are not payment terminals in the parking areas. You will be able to park anywhere you like in the paid parking area. It won't be necessary to leave a proof of payment on the dashboard of your vehicle.


Reserve a monthly parking pass

Quantities are limited for subscriptions and a waiting list will be set up by Indigo as needed. It will also be possible to reserve a space daily from that moment on, starting from the first day of operation.