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Where can I purchase transit fares?

You can buy your tickets at all existing points of sale, including the metropolitan ticket offices, in the metro stations, in the train stations and in each of the REM stations. Your transit fares can be loaded onto your OPUS card.

Fares are compatible with the OPUS card and are available at over a hundred points of sale

The OPUS card is a smart card on which you can load all transit fares, REM included.

You can purchase transit fares at over a hundred points of sale throughout the Greater Montréal area.

Avoid waiting in line by purchasing your transit tickets in advance at any one of the following points of sale:
List of sales points in the Greater Montreal area
List of sales points in the Longueuil agglomeration
List of sales points in the southern suburbs

Find your tickets at these locations:

  • Metropolitan ticket offices such as at Central Station
  • Fare vending machines located in REM and metro stations and commuter rail stations
  • Exo sales and service outlets
  • STM metro stations and the Fairview terminal (through station agents at fare booths or at the Espace client)

You can also purchase transit fares from authorized retailers or directly from the OPUS website if you own an OPUS card reader.

Find the nearest sales outlet