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The first REM cars have arrived

Project progress
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In the past few days, the first REM trains have arrived in the Greater Montréal area. Let's review this major project milestone with a photo gallery.

Arrival at the Port of New York – New Jersey and unloading

After a 23-day journey at sea, the first cars arrived at the New York – New Jersey port, a regular shipping line, at the beginning of October.

© Alstom / M. Glucksman

Each car was unloaded at the port with lifting systems. Each was then placed on a railed trailer specially designed to transport train cars.

© Alstom / M. Glucksman

Unloading and transporting are very delicate operations. The cars, wrapped in a white cocoon for extra protection, were handled with great care during the trip.

© Alstom / M. Glucksman

They were transported separately. To date, a total of 4 cars have been delivered. The next deliveries are scheduled for 2021.

© Alstom / M. Glucksman

Transport from U.S.A. to Montréal

The REM cars travelled approximately 800 km on North American roads, between New Jersey - New York and Brossard. They crossed the roads of the State of New Jersey, New York and Quebec after crossing the Lacolle border crossing.

© Alstom / C. Fleury

The cars were escorted throughout the trip, to ensure security.

© Alstom / C. Fleury

Arrival in Greater Montréal

One at a time, over the course of two days, the cars were then unloaded at the maintenance workshop in Brossard, ready to welcome them. 

© Alstom / C. Fleury

They were moved from the trailer to the rails of the depot using a gradual sloping ramp, secured by a winch installed on the trailer.

© Alstom / C. Fleury

Production of the first REM car began in October 2019. In just one year, the first four cars (forming two train sets) were produced and delivered to the Greater Montréal area.

Next up: inspections and testing

The Metropolis cars are now in Brossard. They will be inspected, coupled (assembled to form two pairs of two cars, i.e. two trainsets) and prepared by Groupe PMM Canadian teams for the upcoming testing period.

The cars will be unveiled to the public a little later this fall. Stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter!

© Alstom / C. Fleury

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