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Opening the fast access between Bonaventure Station (STM) and Gare Centrale Station (REM)

Urban integration
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The access to Gare Centrale Station from Place Bonaventure will be open to the public in both directions on Friday, March 22.

This access, requested by REM users, will shorten the trip between the REM and metro networks. Initially, it will only be accessible via stairs. ARTM is taking steps to install a ticket vending machine at the entrance to this new access point in the coming days.

REM agents will be able to provide on-site assistance and teams will listen to suggestions and comments from users to improve the experience.

The doors will open in compliance with safety requirements, based on analyses carried out by CDPQ Infra. 

Signage will be added by Kevric, owners of Place Bonaventure, in collaboration with the REM team.  

This improved connection between the Montréal metro and the REM’s Gare Centrale Station was made possible thanks to the collaboration between CDPQ Infra, ARTM and real estate partners Kevric and Cominar.

Overview : 

  • A new connection between Bonaventure station (orange line) and Gare Centrale Station (REM) starting Friday, March 22, 2024.
  • Accessible via stairs at first. 
  • Elevators are available for access to the REM station via Central Station. ARTM is studying options regarding universal accessability.
  • Tip: Have a valid ticket on hand before using this new fast access, as there will be no ticket vending machine at this entrance for the first opening days.

Do you have any suggestions for improving access?

Contact our team: 

1 (833) 736-4636

[email protected]