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Dynamic testing begins on the North Shore – Upcoming milestones

Project progress
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REM is making great strides, with the official start of dynamic tests on a first segment of the Deux-Montagnes branch, between the Saint-Eustache maintenance centre and Sainte-Dorothée station in Laval.

This is an important step towards the REM’s commissioning! This means that construction is almost complete in this sector, and we’re ready to get REM cars running on the track.

Map of the dynamic testing on the Montréal's North Shore

From June 17, 2024, you’ll see REM cars in action along this 6 kilometre section. Before welcoming you aboard, the REM cars have to pass a veritable gauntlet of tests. Teams from Groupe PMM (GPMM), the REM operator, will be working around the clock to test every component of the network, from cars to stations, including signalling and communication systems and platform doors. 

The objective is clear: to provide a reliable, safe and automated public transit service for future users as soon as it is commissioned. Completion of the Mont-Royal tunnel and integration of the various branches are the next major milestones.


Dynamic testing?

Are you wondering what dynamic testing is all about? This is the technical term for the variety of tests carried out in real operating conditions, where every element of the REM network is checked in motion to meet the industry’s highest reliability and safety standards. 

How long will the dynamic testing take? 

Dynamic testing of the REM, which will take place in several stages, begins on a first segment between the Saint-Eustache maintenance centre and Sainte-Dorothée station. Tests will then be rolled out progressively by segment on the other branches. 

The aim is to achieve the required reliability standards before moving on to the next stage for successful integration of the entire network. 

Once the dynamic tests have progressed sufficiently, we’ll be able to provide a clearer picture of their duration. 

The date on which the network will be fully commissioned will also depend on the progress of the dynamic tests. 

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What steps need to be taken? 

We chose to start from the north, so that the dynamic testing can progress while the work in the Mont-Royal tunnel is being completed.

The next steps are as follows:

  1. Start of dynamic testing between Saint-Eustache and Sainte-Dorothée
  2. Gradual extension of test area
  3. Connection of all segments
  4. Test runs
  5. Commissioning

Why not open up the stations as the tests progress?  

A station-by-station or segment-by-segment launch would only offer a partial service to users wishing to reach their destinations. We remain committed to providing safe, reliable, quality service. That’s why we’re concentrating our efforts on completing the work in the Mont-Royal tunnel. This will allow us to begin dynamic testing and ensure optimal service from the moment we open to the public. 

Dynamic testing between Saint-Eustache and Sainte-Dorothée in figures

  • 3 stations in testing
  • 8 cars on the tracks from the start of dynamic testing
  • More than 40 people from the PMM Group dedicated to dynamic testing.
  • 6 km of track under dynamic testing