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The first piers of the REM erected in Brossard

Project progress
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 In the coming weeks, you will get a glimpse of the initial elements of the REM’s infrastructure in Brossard, including the very first pier of the structure’s 67-km network. This pier, which has been dubbed “pier 5,” has just been erected near the intersection of Highway 10 and Highway 30. Piers 6 to 16 will be built next.  

These piers will form the foundation of the REM’s elevated structure, which will link the central median corridor of Highway 10 to the southwest quadrant of Highway 30 and will run above the travel lanes of Highway 10.

The piers are made up of three key elements: a caisson (for the foundation), a column and a pierhead, built in stages. The pierhead for pier 5 should be completed by early September.

Are you curious about why pier 5 was built first, before piers 1 to 4? The reason is simple: it is necessary to construct this pier before reconfiguring eastbound Highway 10This will make it possible to minimize traffic obstructions.

The frame of the caisson is ready to be installed
The drills are located close to the intersection of highways 10 and 30
Network map

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