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Preview your trips with the REM

REM in service
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The first five REM stations, from Brossard to Gare Centrale, are scheduled to open on July 31. With the arrival of the REM, several RTL, exo and STM bus routes will be modified.

What will your trips look like with these changes and the arrival of the REM? You can now preview the new routes to come using the Transit application



Find out about new bus network : 

How do I preview my route?

Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Download the latest version of the Transit application onto your smartphone;
  2. In the application, follow the instructions to activate preview mode;
    1. Once activated, preview mode will hide the transit services currently offered and display the following information: the REM schedule, RTL, exo and STM bus routes applicable from July 31. Please note that the RTL bus network will be completely rolled out by 21 August.
  3. Enter the departure and arrival points of your trip;
  4. Consult your future trip!