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Rendering of the future Deux-Montagnes station

Work begins on the North Shore and in Pierrefonds-Roxboro

Project progress
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The REM is entering a new phase of construction with the start of work in Deux-Montagnes, Laval and Pierrefonds-Roxboro. How will this work be rolled out in 2021? Here’s an overview of what's planned for the coming months.

Preparatory work

Laying the groundwork

In the last few months, the construction of the REM on the North Shore has begun. This has entailed work on the Rivière-des-Prairies railway bridges and preparatory work on Du Lac Boulevard in Deux-Montagnes, as well as near the future Sainte-Dorothée station in Laval.

Starting in early 2021, mobilization of the work sites will be increasingly visible with the initial preparatory work and the layout of the work areas. Shrubs, trees and small vegetation will need to be removed along the right-of-way in Laval and Deux-Montagnes before the end of March to prepare the ground for the new REM infrastructure. This work will be overseen and coordinated by our environmental experts.

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Dismantling the old railway stations and infrastructure

To make way for the REM, the old infrastructure will be gradually dismantled or demolished starting in January 2021. Old equipment (electrical system, rails, ties, stone ballast, platforms) will be overhauled and replaced with new, modern systems.

Upcoming work near Île-Bigras station Example of infrastructure that will be dismantled on the former Deux-Montagnes line
Du Ruisseau Station 2020 Dismantling of platforms (Du Ruisseau station, 2020) The Deux-Montagnes station will be the first to be dismantled this year on the North Shore. Demolition will begin in January and will last one month.

Building new infrastructure to accommodate a light rail system

Infography of REM infrastructures The transformation of a train system into a light rail system requires numerous optimizations. For example, new rails, a new railway track and new electrical systems will be installed this summer/fall.

The work beginning this year marks the start of the transition to a light rail system, which will run between Deux-Montagnes and Pierrefonds-Roxboro stations as of 2024.


Doubling the tracks throughout the line

Currently, from Deux-Montagnes to Saint-Laurent, the railway is single-track, meaning the trains on the former Deux-Montagnes line shared the same track, regardless of the direction they were heading.

While keeping the same footprint, the tracks will be doubled for the REM due to its high frequency throughout this segment. 

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Replacing level crossings with overhead crossings

As the REM will run at a higher frequency, it’s essential that we ensure the safety of the surrounding communities. Level crossings, i.e. locations where the train crosses a roadway, will be eliminated. 

At 14 locations along the REM’s route between Deux-Montagnes and Saint-Laurent, level crossings will be replaced by 11 rail or road overpasses and a 1.5-km elevated structure, which will prevent the REM from crossing paths with and interrupting road, pedestrian or bicycle traffic, allowing it to operate at a high frequency in complete safety.

Construction of these structures will begin in the spring of 2021 and will cause periodic obstructions. 

Sample model of an REM rail overpass (O’Brien area in Saint-Laurent) Sample model of an REM rail overpass (O’Brien area in Saint-Laurent)

Building new enclosed stations

One of the major changes in the transformation of the Deux-Montagnes line is the construction of new enclosed stations. Users will now wait for the REM indoors, protected from the elements, on a platform separated from the tracks by an automated screen door system.

Rendering of station in the area Rendering of station in the area

In 2021, construction of the stations will begin in the area with the initial foundations. However, in 2022, the steel structures will begin to emerge and the stations will become more visible.

See the fact sheets and implementation plans for the stations on the North Shore and in Pierrefonds-Roxboro to find out more about your station: 







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The REM on the North Shore and in Pierrefonds-Roxboro 

  • 6 stations in the area
  • Peak-time frequency: 5 minutes
  • Off-peak frequency: 15 minutes
  • Commissioning: Fall 2024